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Meet the Staff of TSGauto.com

Tim Greufe - Owner

303-807-5151 - tim.greufe@tsgauto.com

Tim is the owner of TSG Auto.com and has been in the automobile industry since 1985. He has a sterling reputation in the Colorado auto industry and prides himself on being the hands on Owner who is involved in every aspect of the business on a daily basis. Tim proudly opened TSG AUTO in a new and larger location In June 2013 and keeps a full 'ready-to-drive' variety of Colorado's FINEST pre-owned vehicles. We keep over 350 vehicles in inventory with new inventory arriving daily...something for EVERYONE! We always provide a free car fax with each vehicle we sell, and they confirm a large amount of vehicles we offer are one owner vehicles. Tim's main goal is to satisfy his customers and provide great service. If you have any questions call Tim at 303-807-5151 for personal assistance.

Stan Willoughby - General Manager

720-209-5397 - stan.willoughby@tsgauto.com

Stan brings 33 years of car experience to TSG! That's a LOT! He comes to us from Castle Rock and when not working really hard, he likes to spend his off-hours with his hunting dog Hunter (we have a true dog lover here!) and other than hunting, he enjoys fishing and Motor cross dirt bikes. Thanks for being part of the TSG Family Stan!

John Garramone - General Sales Manager

720-259-7712 - john.garramone@tsgauto.com

John brings over 28 years of auto experience with him to TSG, with 21 of those years being in finance. In fact, John spent 21 years on his last job - surely some sort of record! He's been married for 31 years and has 2 children. He thrives on anything outdoors...Racing cars,hunting, fishing, backpacking and camping. Insofar as the auto industry, John - I'm quoting him - "understands his clients' needs and what they are looking for and strongly believes in treating others as you want to be treated." He works with many banks and credit unions and has earned more than one professional award in financing. GIVE HIM A CALL! He is a great member of the TSG Family.

Kelly Backlund - Business Manager

303-805-4883 - kelly.backlund@tsgauto.com

Kelly Backlund, TSG’s Business Manager and Tim's miracle worker. Kelly has been with TSG for ten years and knows the car business like the back her hand. Kelly has two beautiful daughters. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, gardening and being outdoors. Kelly is the Matriarch of the TSG Family.

Bryan Thompson - Service Manager

720-259-7705 - Bryan.tsgauto@live.com

Bryan is truly an asset to the TSG Auto team. With over 300 vehicles in inventory, it's up to Bryan and his wonderful team of mechanics to see to every car that comes to TSG and make sure it is ready to be sold to the public. Thank you Bryan for all your hard work and being such a great part of the TSG Family!

Jeff Pipala - Body Shop Manager


Jeff and his wife Susan moved here from Missouri and is a wonderful addition to the TSG Auto Team. Jeff can make your car look just like new again. When not hard at work Jeff can be found working around his home or working on his Stock car. We are so happy to have Jeff here as a part of the TSG Family.

Justin (Jay) Goplin - Reconditioning Manager

- Justin.Goplin@tsgauto.com

Our Reconditioning Manager comes to us from Las Vegas Nevada, but he has been in Denver over 20 years and has spent "a life time in the car business". He is in charge of making sure our lot sparkles and all the incoming cars are in top order before they hit the lot. When not at TSG Auto, Jay likes to go camping, rock climbing, play softball and is an avid pool player; in fact he has won some pretty amazing tournaments! He also enjoys spending time with his boys Jay and Jordan as well as his 2 dogs Lala and Frank. We are so lucky to have Jay as part of the TSG family!

Ricky Newman - Quality Control Manager /Lot Supervisor


Ricky our amazing quality control manager and lot supervisor. He is hard at working making sure all our inventory is organized and ready for our customers to test drive. Ricky has been with TSG Auto for several years now and has really made his mark on the organization of our lot and keeping it clean and picture perfect.  Ricky is a proud father of a wonderful little boy. When he is not working hard making our lot look amazing, he is at home spending time with his little buddy. Ricky also enjoys spending time, hunting, fishing, snowboarding and camping in our beautiful Rocky Mountains. We are so happy Ricky is part of the TSG Family!

Chris Boyer - Finance Manager

303-805-4883 - Chris.Boyer@tsgauto.com

Chris has been helping people buy vehicles for over 21 years and loves what he does.. also he is really great with customers and finding them the perfect financing. Originally from Manitou Springs, Chris spent four years in the Marine Corps, and it shows in his work ethic. On his time away from work, Chris loves to cook, be outdoors, spend time with his daughter and hang out by the pool. Chris is a great addition to the TSG Family!

Jay Hoffman - Finance Manager

319-504-1926 - Jay.Hoffman@tsgauto.com

Jay another of our awesome Finance Managers. Jay moved back to Colorado from Iowa in 2015 and has been with TSG Auto since. Jay is a sports enthusiast and enjoys hiking and kayaking with his lab Maddie and Doberman Athena. He also enjoys playing basketball and is always looking for a good pickup game. Jay, you are a great part of the TSG Family.

Kenny Anderson - Finance Manager

303-877-5850 - kenny.anderson@tsgauto.com

Kenny is just one of our wonderful sales staff at TSG Auto.  Kenny has been in the auto industry for many years and brings a great amount of knowledge to the table. Kenny has lived in Colorado sine 1971 and considers himself a native Coloradoan. When not hard at work Kenny enjoys working out, golfing and shooting. Kenny is raising 3  Shi Tzu Pups, Harley, Davey and Beemer. Sounds like a car man for sure!! Welcome to the TSG Family Kenny, we are so happy to have you with us.

Debbie Hoffman - Customer Satisfaction Manager

319-486-6531 - debbie.hoffman@tsgauto.com

Debbie enjoys visiting with customers and loves to see children visit the dealership as well. She loves to bake and is known to bring fresh baked cookies in for the customers and staff. When not at TSG Auto she loves spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors and she is an avid animal lover. We love having her as a part of the TSG Family.

Lincoln Pope - Professional Sales Associate

303-596-4454 - Lincoln.Pope@tsgauto.com

Lincoln comes to us from Roxbury (Boston), MASS and began his career in the auto industry in 1994. During his free time, you can find him enjoying sailing, the sunny golf courses, tennis and 4-wheeling. An all around guy whom we're excited to have in the TSG family.

Pablo J Centeno - Professional Sales Associate

303-726-6015 - pablo.centeno@tsgauto.com

Pablo comes to us From Puerto Rico. He moved here with his lovely wife and son. He has been in the sales industry since 2011 and was an amazing sales associate in Puerto Rico. When not at work Pablo and his family enjoy visiting our beautiful mountains, the awesome downtown area and all over Colorado, he loves baseball and enjoys coaching his son. We are so happy to have Pablo as part of the TSG Family.

Kirk Settell - Professional Sales Associate

720-998-2462 - kirk.settell@tsgauto.com

Kirk has lived all up and down the west coast but is happy to be back in Colorado again. He is a very community driven person and loves to volunteer and especially work on food drives. He comes to TSG Auto with years of sales experience. When not working, Kirk loves to visit his church, ski, cook, weight lift, ride his Harley and travel. One of his greatest loves is deep sea fishing. We are so happy to have Kirk as part of the TSG Family.

Jim Young - Professional Sales Associate

253-640-2396 - Jim.young@tsgauto.com

Jim Has been in the car business for many years. He is a consistent professional and really knows his stuff. When not working Jim and His wife enjoy spending time with his family and snoe shoeing in our beautiful Mountains. We are so happy to have Jim as part of the TSG Family. Welcome Jim!!!! 

Dean Johnson - Professional Sales Associate

- dean.johnson@tsgauto.com

 Dean is native to Colorado having lived here since he was 2 , and the only time he has lived outside of Colorado was his 4 year service in the U.S. Air Force, TSG Auto thanks you for you service Dean. When not working hard at TSG Auto, Dean enjoys spending time with his two beautiful daughters,and his chocolate lab.  Dean loves to travel, going to the lake wakeboarding and boating. He loves spending time with family and enjoying this beautiful state. Welcome to the TSG family Dean we are so happy to have you.      


Jonathan Zendejas - Professional Sales Associate

720-477-0409 - jonathan.zendejas@tsgauto.com

Jonathan aka 'Jon', is from the Metro Denver Area. Jon says his goal is to give our customers the best service and make them feel welcome as if he were greeting them into his home. Jon, loves cooking, playing as well as watching sports on TV (especially our Colorado teams), and working on project cars When not at work Jon spends his time working for various charities, traveling and spending time with his family as well as usually playing some kind of ball. As Jon says "He is everything Colorado". Jon will be such a value to TSG Auto and looks forward to working with us on our various charities throughout the year. We are so happy to have him join the TSG Family.

Ben Uher - Professional Sales Associate

720-333-1954 - Ben.Uher@tsgauto.com

Ben is one of our wonderful sales staff. He moved to Denver from Ohio 14 years ago. He enjoys meeting people and gives each customer great service and care in their car buying experience. When not working he can be found enjoying time with his dog named Indy, skiing, hiking, camping, etc. He enjoys movies, books and is a phenomenal History Buff. We are so happy to have Ben as part of the TSG family.

James Cullom - Professional Sales Associate

303-264-8565 - james.cullom@tsgauto.com

James has been in sales in Denver for over 18 years and comes to us with lots of sales experience. Before joining the car sales business James was a teacher for 14 years and prior to moving to Denver James was an actor in New York City. Ask James what he likes best about his job and the answer is "helping people find the right vehicle for their lifestyle. James is the proud father of  5 children and when not working he is usually spending time with his kids. James also enjoys playing electric guitar and watch his Yankee's but we will forgive him of that. :). We are so happy to have James in the TSG Family.


Bob Hetsko - Professional Sales Associate

303-902-8203 - tsgautobob@gmail.com

Bob brings 29 years of auto business background with him and comes from.....ALL OVER! He was a USAF BRAT and He has lived in Colorado since 1976. Prior to that, he lived in Sayville LI ,Hamburg NY and South Hadley Ma. He was born in Ealing, United Kingdom. On his off-hours, Bob is a blues musician and keeps all the cars and computers running in the house. He also gardens and makes homemade salsa! He also brews his own beer! Give him a call when you're ready to look at new cars - He's here for YOU! Bob your a great part of the TSG Family.

Jeff Zweben - Professional Sales Associate

303-941-6888 - Jeff.Zweben@tsgauto.com

Jeff has been in the car business since 1982 when he moved to Colorado. When he wasn't selling cars he had a partnership with a National Title Company and also owned a Real estate and Mortgage company. He was a General Sales Manager at Broadway Jeep in the 80's and also gained finance experience throughout several different dealerships in Colorado. Jeff also loves golfing on his free time and spending time with his four grandkids. Jeff we enjoy you being a part of the TSG Family.

Isabel Garcia - Professional Sales Associate

303-332-8238 - Isabel.Garcia@tsgauto.com

Isabel is one of our Spanish speaking sales staff. Isabel is from Puerto Rico and moved to Colorado in 2016. She loves to cook, travel, spend time with family and when not at work she spends lots of time with her son and husband learning more and more about Colorado and our beautiful mountains. Welcome to the family Isabel TSG Auto is happy you are here.

Ken Pickett - Buyer


Ken is our newest buyer at TSG Auto, He is always busy bouncing to auctions to find the best vehicles for our lot. When not running form auction to auction Ken, loves music and recording. He enjoys being out in the great outdoors and spending time with his family. We are so happy Ken is part of the TSG Auto Family.

Chelsea McCloy - Accounts Payable

303-805-4883 - chelsea.mccloy@tsgauto.com

Quite, shy and sweet as apple pie! My first impression of Chelsea when visiting on the phone...just adorable! Chelsea is loving learning the auto business and meeting lots of people. She already has earned her Associates Degree in Business and is considering pursuing a Bachelors. Outside of work she enjoys bowling, boating, traveling and being immersed in photography. Chelsea, you're such a great part of the TSG Family.

Marylou Bustillos - Title Clerk

- Marylou.Bustillos@tsgauto.com

Here at TSG, Marylou is known as the key master, no joke this girl has a photographic memory, but after all her hard work she has been promoted to our new title clerk! Way to go Marylou! It's a hard job, but we know she's got it! We are so happy to have her as part of the TSG Family!

Vicky McGuire - Title Clerk

- Vicky.McGuire@tsgauto.com

Vicky is one of our amazing Title Clerks, and comes to us with a great deal of title experience. She can answer many title questions and is always happy to do so. She is a native of Colorado and its beauty. When not at work she enjoys being with her dog Harley and enjoying time with friends and family. She is an avid animal lover and outdoor enthusiast. We are so happy to have Vicky as part of the TSG family.

Makayla Nangle - Receptionist


Makayla, our receptionist at TSG is now attending College and graces us with her smiling face, nights and weekends. She's a real sweetheart! Thank you for being you, Makayla! You are a great asset to the TSG Family.

Karlie Mayes - Receptionist / Admin Assistant


Karlie is a fun loving country girl from Elizabeth, CO. She is one of our awesome receptionist and also assists in the administrative areas at TSG Auto. She is extremely bright and fun to work with. She is currently in college and working at TSG Auto part time. When not at work she enjoys spending time with friends and family, being out in the fresh air and listening to her favorite country songs. She says she loves a twang in a good old country son. That really defines her country spirit. We are so happy to have Karlie as part of the TSG family!

Jessa Cayler - Admintrative Assistant

- Jessa.cayler@tsgauto.com

      Jessa, is one of our amazing receptionist/administrative assistants. Jessa is originally from Marion Iowa and moved to Colorado in High school. She is always busy answering phones, assigning keys or assisting in the business office. When not at work she enjoys traveling and spending time with family including her two dogs Frank and Lala. We are so happy to have Jessa as part of the TSG Family.

Jasz Tucker - Receptionist


  Jasz is one of our wonderful receptionist. She is the first contact and that friendly voice on the other side of your call. Keeping our key inventory in order is one of the many tasks she preforms at TSG Auto. When not at TSG Auto she enjoys, drawing, crafts and relaxing at home. She donates her time at animal shelters and is an avid animal lover. We are so happy to have Jasz at TSG Auto. welcome to the family Jasz.

Rick Scharnell - Service Writer


Rick is our service writer from right here in Parker. Rick enjoys shooting, fishing... well actually, anything outdoors! He can often be found playing pool or going to concerts. Welcome to the TSG Family!

Lee Deane - ASE Certified Technician

720-259-7705 -

Lee was the first technician to come to TSG Auto with over sixteen years of experience and is ASE certified. In his spare time Lee coaches in many different little leagues; including baseball, basketball and football. He is such a great member of the TSG Family.

Josh Lang - ASE Certified Technician


Josh is an ASE Certified Technician in our shop 1 service department. He is a native of Colorado and enjoys hanging out with friends and family . When not hard at work at TSG Auto, he can be found riding his dirt bike, off roading, and camping. He loves the Colorado outdoors. We are so happy to include him as a member of the TSG Family.

Karl Briseno - Technician


Karl is one our wonderful Mechanics. He is from the Denver area and loves working on cars. Karl is an awesome father and when not at TSG Auto he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, family and friends. He loves riding dirt bikes, reading, cooking, camping and being outdoors. Karl is an avid animal lover and has two cats (Kitty and Chloe)and one dog ( boosted the lil guy with the buggie eyes). We are so happy to have Karl as part of the TSG Family, welcome Karl.

Paul Syddall - Technician


Paul is a native of Colorado and one of our awesome technicians. He has been working on cars for over 30 years. Paul specializes in older vehicles and when not at TSG Auto he enjoys restoring vehicles. Paul is an awesome family man and loves spending time with his family and grandchildren. We are so happy to have Paul as part of the TSG Family,

Elijah Smith - ASE Certified Technician


Elijah is one of our repair technicians at Shop 2. He enjoys working on cars and he is an ASE Certified mechanic. Elijah is an Native of Colorado, and of course enjoys the great outdoors. When not at work he loves fishing and camping in our lovely Rocky Mountains. Thank you Elijah for being a part of the TSG family.

Ken Lewis - ASE Certified Technician


Ken is an ASE Certified Technician on staff at our shop 2 service location. We are so happy to have Ken as part of the TSG family.

Cody Karch - Body Shop Assistant


Cody is one heck of an Assistant in our body shop. He works very hard on making your car look amazing and back to new. Cody comes to us from Rio Rancho New Mexico and moved to Colorado for college. When not at TSG Auto Cody enjoys restoring old BMW's, camping, hiking,  doing anything out in the warm weather, and really enjoys reptiles.It is an interesting hobby and We call him the snake handler. Never hurts to have one of those around.  :) We are so happy to have Cody as part of the TSG Family. 

Matt Pardikes - Photo Technician


Matt is our lead photo technician and has been photoing our inventory for several years. Matt is also very computer savvy and gives all the final touch to our web inventory. When not at TSG Auto, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors and having fun with friends. We are so happy he is a part of the TSG Family.

Chris Ridlen - Photo Technician

- Phototechs@tsgauto.com

Chris is one of our awesome Photo Technicians. He is really great at making our inventory on our website look amazing. When not at TSG Auto Chris, enjoys being out doors, enjoying the beautiful mountains, camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding and spending time with his family. Welcome to the TSG family Chris, we are so happy to have you.

James Brummett - Detailer


James is a Colorado native and is one of our amazing detailers who keeps the vehicles sparkling. When not at work James enjoys playing the drums and spending time with his friends and family. He also enjoys lifting weights and is key on nutrition and health. Welcome to the family!

Sam Chasse - Lot Technician


Sam recently moved to Colorado from Maine. Looking for warmer weather. :) Sam is just one of our awesome lot technicians and helps keep our inventory looking picture perfect and lanes straight. When not working hard at TSG Auto, Sam likes to spend his spare time hanging out with friends, snowboarding in our beautiful mountains, skateboarding and working on his craft at Photography. Well he's in the right place for that, Denver has lots to see and do. We are so happy he has become part of the TSG Family.

Simon - Greeter Customer Service


Unfortunately Simon passed away in 2014 and our hearts were broken. Simon was a great dog and will be missed. He will always be remembered and will remain a part of the TSG Family. R.I.P Simon!